I am not a successful adult…..

I am not a successful adult.....

Ok, it could be worse. I’m employed, and it’s actually a great job! I have a very cute townhouse over my head that I share with 2 roommates. I wouldn’t say I am unsucessful. But it is a rough road, my friends, and I know I am not alone on this.

My job pays a very decent salary, but somehow I have completely missed the boat on handling money. My bank account is constantly being overdrawn, simply because for whatever reason, I can’t seem to reconcile my largely shared bills with my decent salary. I have a lot of formerly nice things that are broken, worn. Relics of a past life where mom and dad paid for me or very generous gifts that I have literally loved to pieces and I cannot afford to replace any of them, including some very important things, like cars and computers.

Organization? Forget it. This was never a skill I possessed.

Time management… oh geez….let’s not go there. The internet truly took care of any hope I had for getting on top of that.

So basically, thus far in my life I have had no self control and it has driven me into debt, it has affected my health (just one more cookie!) it has affected my relationships. I have mused for years that I have wanted to change, but somehow always conforted myself with “I am still in my 20s, I’ll figure this out eventually.”

I have approximately 500 days until my 30th Birthday, so with time running out for me to use my “I’m just a poor dumb kid who doesn’t know any better” excuse, I have decided to actively learn and develop skills that one might expect a 30 year old woman to have.

In 500 days, I hope to:
– Organize my life
– Pay down A LOT of debt
– Learn how to make a realistic budget and stick to it
– Save money
-Learn to cook
-Get healthier
– Basically just become a functional adult!

They say that those who can’t do teach, so I hope you can learn from and maybe even be amused by the trials and tribulations of my journey.

Wish me luck!

<3, Elizabeth


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