You Mean Elves Don’t Clean the House While I Sleep?

You Mean Elves Don't Clean the House While I Sleep?

I like to think I’m a good friend and a good roommate. I’m nice, I share my food, I always make time for roommate bonding date nights. When it comes to sharing the load in houshold cleaning, I have definitely been lacking.

If I make a mess in a common area, of course I do my best to clean it up, but in general, cleaning a house is usually not at the front of my radar. Not because I don’t care, but because I have other things on my mind (don’t ask me what, but things, I’m sure) and I walk in and think “this house looks pretty nice.”

Then there are those times I walk in and actually catch a roommate scrubbing, mopping, vaccuming and dusting a common area and I get this feeling of shame and guilt. Of COURSE the house looks nice! Someone else cleaned it when I wasn’t looking!

Contrary to what some frustrated friends and family members may have said in the past, I am NOT just content to let others do things for me, I do want to be helpful and useful. But unfortunately, I’m about as observant as Mr. Magoo. (I’m working on this during my journey as well, I’m sure there will be posts to follow on that.)

You will see I have posted a cleaning schedule, courtesy of a fellow blogger at . My goal starting Monday is to follow this schedule. I will be entering the schedule into my iphone calendar at certain times and will have an alarm to go off at these times, because otherwise I will completely forget.

Many cleaning lists I have found on the internet look incredibly intimidating to me. I have zero patience, and tend to like to have things done as quickly and painlessly as possible, and I look at lists with like 40 things on them and completely freak and shut down. (Who has time for all of that?!?! Where do I start?!? Screw this, I’m going to watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix for 4 hours…) I really like this schedule a lot, because it breaks down large tasks, like laundry, and divvys them up by day, rather than just a long list of things to clean in a house. Just what an overly anxious, hedonistic individual with adult ADD like myself needs!

Anyways, I hope both you and I find this list to be helpful and useful. I will check back in later on how I do with this.

Happy cleaning!

<3, Elizabeth


One thought on “You Mean Elves Don’t Clean the House While I Sleep?

  1. Go for it! I know you can do it! I think your mother is the only female in our family who mastered cleaning. (I also got better when my roommate insisted that I help clean our townhouse. She actually MOVED furniture to vacuum where it had been….)

    Do remember, though, we love you clean or messy!

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