The Chronicles of Chaos

Before Closet Makeover

Before Closet Makeover

After Makeover

After Makeover

You will probably not find Narnia in my wardrobe, but up until a day or so ago, you would definitely find pure chaos.

As you can see, I am not a huge fan of hanging up clothes. This is partly because I also hate to do laundry, so when I finally do, (usually about once a month) it is the mother load of laundry, and I simply run out of steam with putting these things away.

I’m trying (with my new cleaning schedule, that I am so far only semi-sucessful at, but hey, baby steps, right?) to do my laundry more frequently to avoid this. I also figured that I should have a fresh start, so this blog project called for a bit of a closet make-over.

Using my handy dandy cleaning and orginization board on pintrest, (Follow me!) I chose a a couple methods of closet organization that I thought would best fit my purposes.

1. The 40 Hanger Closet from blog “Living Well Spending Less “- I will admit that it ended up being more like a 60 hanger closet. I attribute this to the fact that I am actually good at cleaning out my closet on the regular (once or twice a year) so I already liked the majority of my wardrobe. Even with being better than the average gal at giving up clothes, I was able to fill a garbage bag to donate. Namely, professional things I thought I should have, but never wore, (suit jacket with shoulder pads? Maybe it was all in my head, because the pads really weren’t that big, but it made me feel like a linebacker) and some really cute things I’d had since college, but screamed “college kid” rather than “young professional.” While I didn’t follow this blogger’s advice to a T, it definitely gave me the push I needed to get rid of some things I had been holding on to that could be better used by someone else. I also think I did achieve what the point of the blog was, which is to get rid of all of the “nos” and “maybes” in your closet. This leaves you with less clothes, but they are all “Yes” clothes, and now you can actually find them to wear them without having to dig!

2. How to Organize Your Closet from site Who What Wear – Very aptly named article, right to the point, I like it. The article itself follows suit, with only 3 steps on how to do this. How simple is that?

  1.  Get Rid of Your Old Clothes: Did that with my first article I used in this process! Check AND check!
  2. Call The Pros—Or Find Your Own Storage Solutions: As I may have hinted in my initial blog post, I am pretty tragically poor due to bad past financial decisions that I have continued to perpetuate out of habit and fear, so I decided to find my own storage solutions, and I did it for free! Thanks to Mom and Dad having too much stuff in their house, I was able to procure a shelf to put in my closet for extra shoe storage and I used a cute colored bin I alraedy had to organize belts and other outfit accessories. I emptied out some boxes that were on the top shelf of my closet. Boxes of things I thought I might need someday, but really was mostly a bunch of junk collecting dust. I got rid of a bunch of these things, consolidated some things that may actually come in handy (office materials etc.) and put them in a storage closet elsewhere in the house. I also put my larger suitcases in storage and kept smaller, overnight bags. Again, I’m poor, I don’t see myself going on any big vacations any time soon.
  3. Start Organizing: My closet is now organized by type of garment, and color. My shoes are now displayed on a shelf, rather than grouped into a hanging shoe storage thingy (that’s definitely the technical term). This whole process actually helped me pair down my shoe collection. The shoes that were actually still in the hangy thingy rather than scattered around my room and house? I don’t wear them. Into the donation bag they go!

The closet doors do make it a bit hard to see some of the changes I made, but I think even so, you can see that it looks a heck of a lot better than it did before. And I’m one step closer to making my room a place of peace rather than a place of stress and chaos.

More to come on the room project, but for now, I think focusing on and learning to maintain this success will do for a bit! In the mean time, I can get to tackling the really scary problem… my finances…. dun dun dunnnn!

<3, Elizabeth


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