Update and What Comes Next

Hi all! I’m working on a couple posts for you currently, but I just wanted to share that I have not overdrawn my account in ONE MONTH! Whoop whoop!

I definitely had a rough start. I had no money in the the beginning and the only way I was able to do this was my mom giving me food from her own pantry because I was unable to afford food without overdrawing. My brother loaned me almost $200 toward my rent, which, after not overdrawing to pay rent, I was able to pay back to him on the subsequent payday. I know a lot of people don’t have these options or this kind of support from their family, so I just need to acknowledge how blessed I am, not only in family, but how supportive my friends and everyone from facebook has been. And this journey is very far from being over, but it is all about the little steps that lead to reaching your goal.

So, I’m thinking for my next post, I will be putting any sort of sense of shame aside and show you some money saving beauty regimens. (Two words: Highlighting cap) It’s truly good for entertainment at the least, and if you decide to follow my lead, you can have awesome, salon worthy highlights for less than $20. Stay tuned!

❤ Elizabeth


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