I’m Back!

Yeah, so I fell down on updating. It happens. I’ve had some ups and downs on my my little journey. Lot’s of downs, not going to lie. But does that mean we give up? NO!

So here is what’s new with me: Not much. Financially I have made some advances, but it’s most definitely taking more time than I’d like, so I have decided I need more money and I have been searching for ways to quickly and legally obtain some.

Enter my friend who racked up tons of credit card debt shopping online. As a result, she had also been looking for a way to make extra money and pay off her debts and she found Poshmark. During her overshopping days, she has more clothes than she could possibly ever wear, some that are really nice brands. Poshmark lets you sell your gently worn clothes and get just a little bit of that money back.

I just signed up today, and I don’t have the quality or the amount of clothes that my friend has to sell, but ya know what? I sell a Forever 21 Top for $3, that’s $3 I didn’t have before. I’m very excited to see what happens!

I’ll be posting my “closet” for you all. I just need to take some pictures and such. If you are on there, and want to follow me, my username is elizscox.

Hope to update you all much sooner than I have been!

<3, Elizabeth



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